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Silver: poor man’s gold, part 2

George Soros identifies asset bubbles by their “parabolic move”.

By this yardstick, silver is trading near bubble territory.  The following chart compares the 5-year performance of ETFs of silver vs. gold, precious metal and commodity index.

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So how high is today’s silver price in historical perspective? According to WSJ, silver closed last Thursday at $47.52 a troy ounce, up $1.562, or 3.4%, and just short of the $48.70 record settlement reached in 1980. Adjusted for inflation, that record price would be equivalent to $139.88 today.  After skyrocketing 84% in 2010, silver prices have jumped another 54% so far this year. In comparison, gold is up 7.7%, hitting a new record of $1,530.80 an ounce on Thursday.


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