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May 2024

Apple’s China Factor

According to WSJ, Apple’s sales in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region, fueled largely by China, more than doubled and represented 26% of its $39.2 billion in sales for the first three months of the year. The company took in $10.2 billion in sales for the region for the first three months of the year, compared with $13.2 billion for the Americas, long its biggest source of revenue.

The new iPad review

The new iPad review from WSJ’s Mossberg.




Steve Jobs Stories

Walter Isaacson shares his experience writing Jobs’ biography, a lot of interesting secret stories – what to make an innovative man who transformed the whole technology industry.

Part 1

Part 2

iPhone 4S review

Brandeis alum Mossberg at WSJ reviews the new iPhone 4S.

How to turn your ipod touch into an iphone

Some neat invention from China.  So far, Apple has not cried foul. China’s disassemble-reassemble imitations have been running wild – when will China innovate on its own?

Apple brings TOUCH to desktop

Finger control to desktop, introducing the very cool Magic Trackpad from Apple:

Four generations of iPhone compared

Compare speed of the four generations of Apple iPhones.

Time to upgrade my iPhone from 1G to 3G 🙂 (no 4G yet, due to its reception flaw and slow start-up).

6-sense technology

The current state of six-sense technology — connecting physical world to digital world.


Never underestimate what human capital and knowledge can do. I am optimistic that in 50 years, human welfare will be at much higher level than what any of us can possibly imagine today.

Thanks to its immigration policy, the U.S. is still leading the pack.