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November 2006

In Memory of Milton Friedman

Here I compiled a list of comments and interviews of Milton Friedman, as a special tribute to the greatest economist of the 20th century, and my most admired one.

For some of us who came to the States from those non-free regimes (former and now), his half-century fight for economic&political freedoms is especially inspiring. He will certainly be missed.

In memory of him, PBS will broadcast a special TV program called “The Power of Choice: the life and idea of Milton Friedman”, on January 29, 2007. To get a preview clip of the program, please go to:

Now here is the list…

From Friends and Foes:

Gary Becker: written in 2002, on the influence of Friedman’s ideas

Thomas Sowell: his former student, now at Hoover Institution, previously at UCLA

Greg Mankiw:

Brad Delong (kindof foe, but still admires him):
On Uncle Milton
some excerpt: “Friedman… how great an influence on my thought? Let me think who has had more… Smith, Keynes, Summers, Shleifer… I would put Friedman fifth: only four other economist have had a greater influence on how I think… I’m not atypical at Berkeley in finding myself moving under the influence of the intellectual field generated by Milton Friedman–at least, I don’t think I am… “

Paul Krugman (real foe):
I wish he had written one. Maybe he will, as he did for James Tobin.

In-Depth Interviews:

PBS: Charlie Rose on Friedman, Nov. 17, 2006, about 1 hour

PBS: Charlie Rose interview with Friedman, Dec. 2005, about 1 hour

Friedman on PBS, many years ago:

From professional papers:

if you don’t have access to wsj, read it from here:

Economist Magazine:


From major newspapers:

New York Times:

Washington Post:

For more info about Friedman, please go to:


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