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Pig production in comparative perspective

Having lived in Denmark for almost 8 months now, I often heard people told me — In Denmark, there are more pigs than people.  Indeed, in Danish stores, you can buy all kinds of products from all parts of pig… much more varieties than in the U.S.  It’s almost like in China, where people tend to eat a lot of pork.

To put things into perspective, I made an interesting Pig Chart, where I compare country’s pig population with their (human) population (see chart below):

China produces world’s most pigs — in fact, China alone produces more bigs than the total of the next 20 countries combined.

(graph courtesy of WSJ)

But Denmark surpasses China in relative term.  When it comes to pig production per capita, Denmark ranks world’s NO. 1.   The interesting fact is in Denmark, the number of pigs is 2.3 times of Danish population.

The next big pig producing countries are Netherlands and Spain — their pig production per capita is 0.72 and 0.65, respectively.

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