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Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

December employment update

The most recent job picture from NYT.  It looks like some people's hope that employment will have a sharp recovery was temporarily put on hold.

Start to feel inflation in China

China’s central bank raised it’s inter-bank lending rate, showing worries about inflation pressure in the economy. The graph below from new order PMI clearly demonstrates the pressure has built up in most sectors.

One of the areas of concern in China’s PMI report was the rise of input prices by 3.3 points to 66.7. This is an indicator of rising inflationary pressures. This, coupled with the rise in food prices, should be monitored closely in the coming months.

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Stock market reform in China

The long anticipated stock index future, margin and short selling were just approved by China's regulators. It is yet clear when these new investment vehicles will be officially introduced to the market. This is a big development.  Reports Bloomberg.