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Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

Linkedin vs. Facebook

Compare Linkedin with Facebook.  The former has a lot to improve.

While LinkedIn's membership has continued to surge, reaching 53.6 million at the end of November from 31.5 million a year ago, it has been dwarfed by Facebook, which has surpassed 350 million members.

More importantly, the amount of time people devote to LinkedIn is a fraction of the time people spend on some other social sites. Visitors spent about 13 minutes on average at LinkedIn during October, while Facebook users logged about 213 minutes and MySpace users spent 87 minutes, according to research firm comScore, which measured the behavior of global users 15 years and older.

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China became world’s largest auto producer and consumer

IN 2009, China became No. 1 in the world in both automobile production and consumption. Note that this was during the severe contraction in auto markets in developed world, especially in the United States. Nonetheless, this was quite remarkable.

Link to the report in Chinese.
(update on Jan 19) Here is another report from New York Times.