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Ten predictions for the next ten years

From Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at BlakRock:

1. US equities experience high single-digit percentage total returns after the worst decade since the 1930s.

2. Recessions occur more frequently during this decade than only once a decade as occurred in the last 20 years.

3. Healthcare, information technology and energy alternatives are leading growth areas for the United States.

4. The US dollar continues to become less dominant as the decade progresses.

5. Interest rates move irregularly higher in the developed world.

6. Country self-interest leads to more trade and political conflicts.

7. An aging and declining population gives Europe some of Japan’s problems.

8. World growth is led by emerging market consumers.

9. Emerging markets weighting in global indices rises significantly.

10. China’s economic and political ascent continues.

Read more  about his predictions here.

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