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Snapshot of China’s energy consumption

This is from BOFIT:

China was the world’s second biggest energy user last year after the United States. The third and fourth largest energy consumers were the EU and Russia. Figures from British Petroleum show China accounted for an 18 % share of global energy consumption in 2008. China’s most important energy source remained coal (70 %), with China accounting for 46 % of the total world consumption. China satisfied 19 % of its energy needs with oil, and accounted for 10 % of world consumption (making China the world’s second biggest consumer of oil after the United States). China’s heavy reliance on coal recently made it the world’s largest carbon dioxide and sulphur-dioxide emitter. The easiest way for China to reduce air pollution would be to replace coal with cleaner energy sources. For example, natural gas produces 45 % less CO2 emissions than coal, practically no SO2, and lower NOx emissions. Natural gas satisfies just 4 % of China’s energy consumption at the moment.

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