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Bill Gross: The US could lose AAA rating

Stimulating economy without concern over long-term fiscal budget won’t go long forever. This even applies to the US, which has retained its AAA rating on government debt since WWI. Report from Reuters:

Bill Gross, manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, warned on Thursday the United States will eventually lose its top AAA credit rating, a fear that had already spooked financial markets on Thursday and could keep the dollar, stocks and bonds under heavy selling pressure.

The United States will face a downgrade in “at least three to four years, if that, but the market will recognize the problems before the rating services — just like it did today,” Gross told Reuters.

Gross, the co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co. and manager of the Pimco Total Return Fund, which has $154 billion in assets, earlier had told Reuters via email that market declines on Thursday were due to investor fears that the United States is “going the way of the UK — losing AAA rating which affects all financial assets and the dollar.”

Standard & Poor’s on Thursday lowered its outlook on Britain to “negative” from “stable,” threatening the nation’s top AAA rating. Britain faces a one in three chance of a ratings cut as debt approaches 100 percent of gross domestic product.

Read the full article here.

There is also a video interview on this from CNBC:

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